Firefox 4 Review: The verdict

  • April 10, 2011

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Ok, I’ve been using Firefox 4 for just over 2 weeks now. I was quite wary of switching to Firefox 4 because I’m quite resistive to change most of the time, especially when it comes to the tools I work with. Firefox 4 is the main application I use as an SEO Programmer, and its add-ons are the main reason for that. As I mentioned in my last blog, a lot of add-ons for Firefox 4 just weren’t available. That disappointed me. I don’t blame Mozilla entirely – I blame the developers of the add-ons too for not being on the ball and getting theirs up to date.

In short, I wasn’t very impressed. Thew new Firefox 4 browser produced my second disappointment comes from bugs that have existed in Firefox for years. One of the biggest of these is the ridiculous memory leaks. While I agree 4 is much improved from Firefox 3, it still has a long way to go before it can be considered memory-friendly. On top of that, a bug that has existed for a long time is one where the browser completely stops responding for a single website. This can occur from loading too many pages from that site, hitting stop, refresh, etc, and other combination. Eventually the browser will not respond to requests for that site. Other websites will work fine, but that one website will fail to load until you restart the browser. In this day and age, bugs like that just should not exist, especially in such a well-established application.

firefox 4 screenshot

firefox 4 Screenshot

The third issue I found while using Firefox 4 was the new title bar. I completely dislike it. One of the great things about Firefox has always been it’s individualism against fellow rivals Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. However, something must have changed in the wind, as I found that the new Firefox 4 browser, lost a huge part of it’s uniqueness and that is due to it’s close resembles to fellow rival Google Chrome. At one moment, I wasn’t even sure I was using Firefox. I actually thought I was on Google Chrome. Another massive minus, was the blank area where the tabs are doesn’t allow you to drag the window around. I find this quite annoying, because the area you can use to drag the window is significantly reduced when compared with before.

I could go on listing Firefox 4’s bad points, but you get the idea. As a main tool for the SEO field, Firefox 4 leaves a lot to be desired. In short, I will be downgrading and reverting back to Firefox 3 until Firefox 5 comes out.

Summary… not worth the upgrade for SEO’s.

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